Lead Generation Site Install

Quick and easy lead generation sites.

Microsites or [geo] lead generation sites are a great way to attract new leads for a targeted product or service.

They are often used for contextual keyword advertising and to rank for specific keywords that are relevant and profitable to a business or person selling those products or services.

Microsites can also be used for affiliate marketing, PPC landing pages, and as a network of relevant web properties that are related to a certain topic. Mini sites and microsites are heavily used in the search engine marketing field and are great for [geo] website marketing.

Pros of Lead Generation Sites

  • Target Keywords
  • Great for Lead Capture Landing Pages
  • Great for PPC Landing Pages
  • Can be used for Mobile Websites
  • Increase Sales for a specific product or service you sell.

Cons of Lead Generation Sites

  • Must have unique content
  • Need to attract and build links, just like you would with your website
  • Maintaining multiple websites or lead gen sites can get cumbersome if you don’t have someone doing it for you
  • Some people use them incorrectly, giving them bad name

We can help you use lead generation sites to grow your business. We have been building and managing microsites for years in [geo] with our Digital Marketing Agency.

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